The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

WARNING: Don't fall for celebrity hosted infomercials and fake lab reports.

The Bad



Update: March 2, 2022

Dr. Larry May promotes a prostate product on TV called Prosvent, which contains Pygeum Africanum, Lycopene, Nettle Root Extract, Saw Palmetto Extract, Pumpkin Seed Oil along with Vitamin E and D, Zinc and Selenium. Prosvent is rather expensive ($79.95 for a 60 day supply) and is a proprietary formula blend . . . meaning they don't disclose how much of each ingredient is contained in their product.

The breakdown of their proprietary formula does not really matter, however because the most important thing to know about Prosvent is that it contains absolutely NO Beta Sitosterol what-so ever. That is right . . . Prosvent is one of the most expensive prostate products on the market, yet it does NOT even contain ANY of the single most important ingredient for supporting prostate health - Beta Sitosterol.

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Warning: We have heard from MANY very angry EX-Prosvent customers, who have innocently taken advantage of Prosvent's "FREE Trial Offer", that not only were they very dissatisfied with the product, but even worse, every month they received 2 more additional bottles, which were charged to their credit card.

  • Some have reported that after complaining about this automatic monthly charge, through Prosvent's customer service email address, they received an auto response stating that they would be contacted within 48 to 72 hours, but never were.
  • Others have reported that they called the customer service phone number and were put on hold for a very long time, and upon finally getting through to an agent, were told that once the item is shipped, it can not be returned for a refund.
  • Others have reported that even after repeatedly speaking to customer representatives, requesting their unauthorized automatic billing stop at once, they continued to have their card charged each month.
  • Please note that none of these alleged Prosvent business practices have actually been verified by us, but considering the vast number of horror stories we have heard, we felt it important to make this warning.
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Full Potency Prostate


Update: June 1, 2021

As of today we have moved the Potency-Prostate review from our "Bad" page to our "Ugly" page.
The reason for this reclassification is the recently discovered long history off complaints (from "Ripoff Report" etc), and a lost appeals case for alleged consumer fraud.

Index of Ripoff Report Complaints

Here are details of a Consumer Fraud case, which they lost on appeal:


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Update: May 10, 2021

In the past few weeks, you've probably seen a commercial on TV called Full Potency Prostate.

This commercial is the newest by a company called Nugenix®, who for the past few years has been running a HUGE TV advertizing campaign for a product called Total-T. which they claim is a Testosterone Booster, that maximizes energy, increases lean muscle mass and boosts libido. Total-T is endorsed by former MLB all star Frank Thomas, who delivers the line "She'll love it too".

I've always been big fan of Frank Thomas, who had an amazing baseball career and was widely respected as both a great player and all around nice guy. Unfortunately, his reputation has now been forever tarnished (as has been the case with other celebrity endorsers such as "Joe Theismann, Larry King, Diane Warwick etc.), because there is no validity to the claims made about this product.

Testosterone boosters just do not work. If you do not believe me just review some of the 118 most recent compaints filed with the BBB regarding product in effectiveness, unauthorized auto-billing and outrageous cancelation fees.

I only mention this to inform you about the questionable history of Nugenix®, so now let's talk more specifically about Full Potency Prostate.

The good news is that we have not yet seen Full Potency Prostate participating in any of the numerous "fake review sites", for had we discovered that, we would have automatically put them on the "ugly" page. They also use pine based beta sitosterol in their formula (as does Prostate Miracle Advanced Formula®, which we give them a nod for.

The bad news is that Full Potency Prostate only contains 130mg (pine based beta sitosterol) per daily serving (not exactly living up to their "full potency" product name). Prostate Miracle Advanced Formula®, on the other hand contains 600mg of pine based beta sitosterol per daily serving.

The REALY bad news is their outrageous price of $59.99 per bottle (with no volume discounts available). That is between two to three times the price of Prostate Miracle Advanced Formula® (depending on the quantity of Prostate Miracle bottles you buy).

Its worth noting that Full Potency Prostate also contains: Vi-spo™ (a saw palmetto extract) and FruiteX-B® (calcium fructoborate), however I was unable to find ANY clinical studies that substantiate the benefits claimed about these ingredients.

Its also worth noting that Full Potency Prostate comes in a softgel with sunflower lecithin, as many liposome delivery systems do. However, the benefits of liposomal delivery systems only apply to single molecule, water soluble formulas, which this product clearly is not. So in this case, this delivery system will not result in any benefit, but it does explain why they have to charge so much for their product.

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Force Factor Prostate

Force Factor Prostate

Update: July 1, 2020

Today, we noticed that Force Factor Prostate has a commercial being aired on TV.

The good news is that we have not seen them participating in any of the numerous "fake review sites", for had we discovered that, we would have automatically put them on the "ugly" page. The bad news is this is just a fancy saw palmetto based formula.

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The supplement facts table displayed on their web site, makes a beta sitosterol claim, but it does not say how much and from where it is sourced. which most likely means it is soy-based and Chinese sourced . . . uggg. This is in stark contrast to the far superior, pine based beta sitosterol (sourced from France), that is used in Prostate Miracle Advanced Formula®

Its alsa worth noting that Force Factor Prostate contains sunflower lecithin, as many liposome delivery systems do. However, the benefits of liposomal delivery systems only apply to single molecule, water soluble formulas, which this product clearly is not, so this ingredient does not provide any benefts. I commend the manuafacturers of Force Factor Prostate for not making any liposomal delivery claims, which would have been bogus, had they made them.

Force Factor Prostate sells for $29.99, but unlike Prostate Miracle Advanced Formula ®, which offeres a $10 discount per bottle (when 6 bottles are purchased at a time) Force Factor Prostate offers no volume discounts, making it a much more expensive option, with no additional benefits.

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Urinozinc Update: May 1, 2019

Today, we noticed that Urinozinc is once again being advertised using "Prostate Miracle" (our trademark) as a search term, obviously trying to redirect customers looking for Prostate Miracle to theirs.

Their paid ad makes the following claim:

New Physician based study showed 87% satisfaction amoong men 50+

yet, their website makes no mention of any such study. Wouldn't you think that if such a study existed, it would be proudly shown?

I did notice that product package now has a new label, which makes the claim:

#1 Prostate Health Brand

How do they "know" that? I can tell you for sure, that they do not know how many units of Prostate Miracle have been sold, which would certainly need to be known to make such a claim.

I can also tell you there is nothing special about this product, just a run of the mill product with zinc and some saw palmetto and other useless herbs, and only 200mg of low quality soy based beta sitosterol (more than likely sourced from China).

Update: May 23, 2016


Urinozinc is a prostate product made by Vitanergy. Like many companies, who capitalize on the popularity of Prostate Miracle®, their site can be found by doing a google search for "prostate miracle". They make the claim to be "the only PATENTED dietary supplement for alleviating the symptoms of an enlarged prostate".

This is a rather absurd claim . . .

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First of all can nutritional supplements even be patented? And . . . even if they could . . . is that supposed to mean that a patented formula is somehow better than one that is not? It is worth noting that Vitanergy does not refer to their patent number anywhere on their site (that I could find). Furthermore, I have searched for their patent on the USPTO website, but was unable find it.

A look at their supplement facts listed on their website reveals that their product contains some herbs, vitamins and minerals but NO Beta Sitosterol Complex what-so-ever.

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Super Prostate Formula

Super Prostate Formula

Update: June 15, 2018

Today, we noticed that Super Prostate Formula is advertising on Google using Prostate Miracle as a search term.

They claim to have twice the key ingredients.

This is BIG lie. AND it will COST you considerably MORE. I guess they think you are too stupid to notice.

To their credit . . . they are NOT promoted themselves with a "fake review site", which would have automatically landed them on our "ugly" page.

However, we have included them on the very top our "bad" page, because in addition to their history of false advertsing (see previous post), they are now making some absurd claims, which we consider false, misleading and obviously intended to disparage Prostate Miracle.

On their website they say:

"In the process of researching and developing Super Prostate Formula, we noticed a pattern of mistakes consumers were making when purchasing their prostate supplements."

  • This begs the question: How exactly did they notice these "mistakes"?
    • What methodology was used in their alledged research?
    • Have they conducted surveys and done statistical analysis of their "research"?
    • or is this just some self-serving hype?
  • They say it is a mistake to rely on just 1 or 2 ingredients.
  • "Quite simply, the more complete your prostate formula, the greater your chances of success."
    • Well thats exactly what you would expect to hear from the maker of a product that includes every ingredient "under the sun".
    • But is it wise to include a tiny bit of many ingredients, that don't have any value at all, and could even cause reactions in some people?
    • The truth is that beta sitosterol is the active ingredient in nearly all the extra ingredients they include, but in such a small amount as to make them worthless.
  • They claim it's a mistake to assume beta sitosterol is better than saw palmetto.
    • Again . . . beta sitosterol is the active ingredient in saw palmetto, so what is the point in including saw palmetto, considering it offers no additional benefits?
  • They say it is a mistake to base your decision on price.
    • We actually agree 100% with that.
    • However they are implying that "you get what you pay for and more expesnive is better"
    • On the contrary our take is:
    • Don't assume that a more expensive product is better, it could be . . . but in many cases it is NOT and is just more expensive.

  • It's worth noting that the Super Prostate Formula supplement facts make the label claim of containing "Selenium (as Amino Acid Chelate)"
  • The truth is that Selenium can not be chelated . . . PERIOD.
  • They are NOT the only manufacturer to make this bogus claim, so it may just be ignorance and not an intentional misrepresentation.
  • But it does call into question all of their other label claims (particularly their beta sitosterol claim which i consider suspect).

Update: May 27, 2017

Super Prostate Formula is produced by Physician's Choice, Inc. and was promoted on TV infomercials during the early 2000's, until it was abruptly taken off the air in 2005, when Super Prostate Formula became the subject of an FDA warning letter, and Physician's Choice, Inc. was sued by the FTC for false advertising.

During this period, Physician's Choice, Inc. also ran a string of other, very successful, slickly produced TV infomercials, all made to look like real TV shows, featuring scripted "fake" interviews between owner Stephan D. Karian and his business partner Michael Teplisky, M.D. (aka Michael Teplitsky).

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Like, all of their other TV infomercials, the Super Prostate Formula "show" also featured "fake" testimonials, using professional actors, which I guess is where the false advertising charges stemmed from. Interestingly enough, the Super Prostate Formula website still features photos and testimonials from those same actors who starred in the TV infomercial.

The FTC false advertising case against them, was settled in 2008 with Physician's Choice, Inc. agreeing to pay up to $20 million in consumer redress, which at the time, was the largest monetary judgment ever obtained in an FTC health fraud case.

The fact that Physician's Choice, Inc. also received an FDA warning for making drug claims is not a red flag in itself. The FDA does not allow nutritional supplements to be promoted by citing scientific studies or using testimonials, which imply a cure or treatment for disease. They don't provide much guidance on this, so its an easy line to inadvertently cross, particularly at the time, when the Physician's Choice, Inc. infomercials were runnng.

Many companies receive FDA warning letters, but typically, they go to the trouble and expense of seeking the highly coveted FDA closeout letter, which states that all cited issues have been brought into full compliance. It appears however, that Physician's Choice,Inc never received an FDA close out letter, which does beg the question . . . why not?

Perhaps it was because, responding to FDA citations for all of their following products would have been a daunting and costly ordeal:

Super Prostate Formula, Super Cholesterol Formula, Super Cardio Program Healthy Heart and Healthy Arteries, Super Liver Formula, Super Arthritis Formula, Super Glucose Formula, Super Eye, Liver Super Cold & Flu, Super CaIMag, Super Arthritis Cream, Super Slim Anti-Cellulite Cream, FemPro Breast Enhancement Gel, Super Female Formula Breast Enhancement Gel, FemPro Lip Volumizer Serum, Super Female Formula Lip Volumizer, Super Female Formula Cream, Super Thyroid Cream, FemPro, Super Cell Protector Anti-Wrinkle Serum, Super Cell Protector Age Spot Defying Cream, Super Hair Solutions, Super Cell Protector Daily Enzymatic Toner & Enzymatic Resurfacing Mask, Super Cell Protector Daily Enzymatic Cleanser, Super Cell Protector Rejuvenating Enzymatic Toner, Super Cell Protector 7-Day Enzymatic Resurfacing Mask, Super Cell Protector Rejuvenating Enzymatic Cleanser, Super Cell Protector Acne Clear, Super Carbo Blocker, Super Carbo Blocker 2, Super Lipo Blocker and Super Slim

In 2008, a further FTC action was filed against Physician's Choice, Inc., for running new TV infomercials that violated some terms of the 2005 Court Order.

Dr. Teplisky has also had many problems of his own. New York State's medical licensing authorities disciplined him in 1995 for sexual misconduct (regarding an incident in which he allegedly grabbed a patient's breasts without her permission), and in 2003 for negligence, incompetence, ordering unwarranted treatments and failure to maintain adequate medical records.

I guess that is why Michael Teplisky, M.D.'s name or likeness is nowhere to be found on any Physician's Choice, Inc. websites or product labels anymore.

Super Prostate Formula has evolved several times over the years. Their latest Formula consists of a 4 capsule serving, which provides 500 mg beta sitosterol (better than most, but still less than Prostate Miracle®) + a proprietary blend of all the other "usual suspects" (which are of no therapeutic value). I personally hate (and can't understand how the FDA allows) the use of proprietary blends on product labels. I "get" that the producer is protecting (hiding) his "secret" blend, but what about the consumer who knows not what he is getting?

It's worth noting that a daily serving of Super Prostate Formula also provides 30 mg of zinc which we feel is WAY too much, bordering on the edge of toxic (depending on if the consumer is getting more zinc in his diet or from other supplements he may be taking).

They offer a free bottle (but you have to pay about $10 s&h) and you have to agree to the terms of their $79.90 (plus s&h) automatic credit card re-billing.

They offer another package (with automatic credit card billing too) that includes 2 free bottles of their Super Libido. I'm surprised, that with all Physician's Choice, Inc   has been through, they still sell Super Libido which we beleve is no more likely to increase libido than snake oil is. Perhaps with their history of brazen cavalier actions, I should NOT be surprised.

Bottom line:
  • The good news is that Super Prostate Formula (as far as I know) does not participate in any "fake review sites".
  • The bad news is that Super Prostate Formula is made by a company, that has sold tons of bogus products, that did not work at all, and were promoted with false advertising.
  • Physician's Choice, Inc will automatically re-bill your credit card, if you buy Super Prostate Formula
Buyer Beware

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Prostate Health

Prostate Health

Update: April 17, 2019

LESlabs produces a new product called "Prostate Health". Prior to today, I never heard of them before. They advertise on Google using "Prostate Miracle" as a search term, obviously trying to divert people looking for "Prostate Miracle®" towards their product, which they sell for $28.95 ($1 dollar less than Prostate Miracle Advanced Formula®), which is far superior to their's.

The good news about them is that they don't seem to be promoting themselves on a fake review site (as far as I've seen so far), which would automatically land them on our "ugly" page.

The bad news about Prostate Health is that it is nothing special at all . . . just another garden variety product featurning saw palmetto, which can't possible be effective.

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Yes they do provide some beta sitosterol, but only 75mg (not nearly enough) AND they do not specify the source (yet they do claim from non GMO source)


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Prostate Revive

Prostate Revive

Update: May 23, 2016

Prostate Revive is a relatively new product being sold by MedixSelect, for which Dr. David Brownstein is the spokesperson.

The good news about this product is, that it is NOT being promoted on a fake review site (at least not that we know of so far). And that MedixSelect does NOT hide their identity.

The bad news is, that Prostate Revive is just another ineffective product. Like so many others out there, they try to impress with a long list of ingredients. This "window dressing" approach often fools many, who think that more ingredients must be better, but as we have exposed before, a tiny amount of unneeded ingredients is basically worthless.

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  • Saw palmetto, pumpkin seed, phygeum africanium, stinging nettle and other similar herbs contain such a small amount of beta sitosterol, that one wonders why they would even be included in any prostate support formula . . . the answer of course is "window dressing".

  • This formula DOES have an adequate amount of phytosterols, however we find it rather strange, that although Dr Brownstein himself says in his video to avoid soy, he uses GMO soy derived phytosterols (as evidenced by the 40% beta sitosterol potency) in his formula. This is a very serious shortcoming with this product.
  • Including pomegranate fruit extract to provide ellagitannins, sounds like a good idea, the problem is that it would take 2 grams/day of the extract to provide the 40 mg of ellagitannins, that clinical studies have found to be beneficial. The amount that ProstaRevive provides (200 mg/2 capsule serving) is woefully inadequate (1800 mg less than needed). In other words worthless "window dressing" again.

  • The label claim for selenium says "from amino acid chelate", but as we have explained before, there is no such thing as a selenium chelate. This is a bogus label label claim!

Although, we've got nothing bad to say about Dr Brownstein, who appears to be a legitimate holistic health practitioner. . . Others are not so convinced, as evidenced by the following negative online review:

Con Artists, Liars and Thieves By Deborah Lancaster on August 21, 2015,

"I called the company to cancel the "trial" and any future shipments and was assured it would be taken care of. When I got something I never ordered within the next week, I called once again and was once again assured everything would be cancelled. I even decided to not fight about a refund considering it "my stupid tax" for the year.

60 days go by and I think all is fine and the next thing I know I'm getting 2 or 3 bottles of something I've never heard of, much less ordered. During the next several months I made several phone calls to try to stop this mess. Then my credit card expiration date changed and I figured that would be the end of it, since the card was no longer valid. Wrong, they charged their over-priced, ineffective crap to an expired card. Again, phone calls and emails and letters, one from my lawyer's office. I have an email sitting here assuring me I would not be charged for anything else and my subscription or whatever you want to call it is cancelled. Just logged into my checking account and guess who's there trying to rob me again? Well, I consider using an out of date credit card fraud and since they used the U.S. Mail to accomplish this transaction, it then becomes mail fraud. I will be filing my complaints with the U.S. Postal Service on Monday, but in the meantime, I will be filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission along with every other federal, state, and local agency I can think of. I will stop this racket. If we don't stand up and stop people like this, they'll do it to someone else or more likely, they'll show up on our doorsteps once again.

News Max and this Medix Select will make you absolutely nuts. They can fill your inbox with more crap than ought to be legal by anybody's standards. I'm out to give them a black eye everywhere I can and will use any and all legal means I have to, to stop them. This is no threat, it is a promise. After messing with them for over a year, I think I've been more than patient and, thus far, they have not honored any of their commitments to me.


The bottom line is that although this product is NOT promoted unethically as so many others are, we do not consider it to be a good product, and it is WAY overpriced at $39.95/bottle.

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Advanced Prostate Formula

Update: May 23, 2016

Advanced Prostate Formula

Advanced Bionutritionals is company that distributes Advanced Prostate Formula as well as a number of other health products including Pectasol which have been developed by Dr Isaac Eliaz. These products are also sold through EcoNugenics.LLC.

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Before discussing their product Advanced Prostate Formula, I want to first talk about their company and the history that NHS Global Distributors, Inc® has with EcoNugenics.

First of all, I think it only fair to say that both Advanced Bionutritionals and EcoNugenics have a very well qualified and impressively credentialed team of professionals, who all write very well about their products.

Now for an account of the history we have had with them.

In 2005, NHS Global Distributors, Inc® approached EcoNugenics with a proposal to feature Dr Eliaz in a TV infomercial, promoting our new (at the time) healthy detox support formula called Pectin Plus®, which uniquely combines Citrus Pectin with the extracts of both garlic and cilantro. At that time, EcoNugenics expressed some interest in the project and we had some dialog discussing the details of how this prospective project might work. We never did reach any agreement however and the next thing we knew, Dr Eliaz had introduced his own combination detox product. I am not suggesting that anything improper or unethical occurred, I am just stating what happened.

We were somewhat disappointed in this development and when we expressed our thoughts to EcoNugenics, they suggested that perhaps NHS Global Distributors, Inc.® could promote their new product on TV instead of ours and in return they would give us a very favorable distributor price break making it a win-win venture. It took some time before they provided us their special price list, but when we finally received it, we were shocked at how "way over priced" their product was. Even worse, the "special" distributor price list they had promised was an insult to our intelligence. Where as, we were expecting discounts based on the purchase of 1000's of bottles at a time, they were only offering a marginal discount off their very high retail price, based on purchases of 24 bottles at a time. What a joke!

Obviously we could never benefit from that kind of relationship, so we went on to launch Pectin Plus® ourselves without any association with Dr Eliaz or EcoNugenics at all. Shortly thereafter, we received a letter from a law firm representing EcoNugenics demanding that we cease and desist from citing any of Dr Eliaz's citrus pectin research on our website and also from using the ingredient Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) in our product, unless of course we bought it from them (at their ridiculously high price of course).

The raw material we had been using was in fact modified citrus pectin and even though we figured we had every right to use this raw material in our product, ultimately we decided that It was just not worth fighting over in court, particularly because, we had never seen any studies demonstrating that modified citrus pectin was any more supportive of healthy detoxification than generic citrus pectin. Additionally, we found a source of citrus pectin which unlike that used in Pectasol, is derived from grapefruits, which were grown pesticide free. (wild crafted). We feel (and so do our customers) that this a great advantage over products like Pectasol (and others) which could very well contain pesticides. Exposure to pesticides in not exactly what one wants, when one want to support health detoxification.

Over all, I must say that I am pretty unimpressed with Advanced Prostate Formula.

It DOES provide a proper amount of D.I.M (which is good), but it does NOT contain ANY concentrated, high potency beta sitosterol (which is very bad).

Advanced Prostate Formula does contain the typical USELESS herbs that are frequently included in many prostate formulas, and it also contains a small amount of Swedish flower pollen extract, for which as far as I know, there exists NO clinical studies proving it's effectiveness for prostate support.

In our opinion, just as with all of the EcoNugenics products, the Advanced-Bionutritional line of products are very much "over priced".

As an example, they sell their Vitamin D3 product for $9.95 per bottle, which sounds cheap until you discover that the bottle only contains 60 capsules. NHS Global Distributors, Inc® was one of the first companies out there selling a 5,000 iu capsule of Vitamin D3. A bottle of our Vitamin D3 product (Dmax) contains 250 capsule for only $22.95 . . . obviously a much better deal than theirs particularly when you consider that we offer even deeper discounts on orders larger than 1 bottle. Of course, there is nothing unethical about charging a high price . . . a company has every right to charge what ever they want for their products. But that does not mean that customers should be willing to pay such high prices. Naturally quality comes at a cost, but sometimes a higher price fools some people into believing it is better quality, when it is not . . . just more expensive. (the single bottle price of Advanced Prostate Formula is $39.95 per bottle, while the single bottle price of Prostate Miracle® Advanced Formula is $29.95. The price difference is even more pronounced with larger orders)

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Prostate Care, Prostexanol

prostate care   Protestexanol

Update: May 23, 2016

Healthy Choice Naturals (aka Mens Health Tech and Wellmates) produces "Prostate Care", which they have deceptively promoted as a "new and improved Prostate Miracle®". . . . an obvious ploy to trick people who are searching for Prostate Miracle® Advanced Formula, by NHS Global Distributors, Inc.

Their price is significantly higher than Prostate Miracle® and so some people have been fooled into thinking . . . hmmm . . . "new and improved" Prostate Miracle® . . . it costs more . . . it must be better.

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This deception couldn't be further from the truth and has propagated lots of confusion in the marketplace . . . So let's set the record straight . . .

Healthy Choice Naturals and their product Prostate Care are not related in any way, shape or form to NHS Global Distributors. Inc and Prostate Miracle® Advanced Formula

In fact our legal department has served them papers demanding that they cease and desist from infringing on our registered Prostate Miracle® trademark. After many phone calls to their corporate office, and after many unfulfilled promises, finally they did comply . . . but just for a short while . . . and then commenced again (perhaps thinking that they could "get away with it" again using a different company identity). Ultimately, Google stepped in and forced them to stop their deceptive online advertising. Amazingly enough, even today, they continue to advertise using our registered trademark (Prostate Miracle) as a search term and also use the deceptive name (Miracle Prostate) in the headline of their online ad. We understand that when you are "number one" everyone one wants to ride on your "coattails" . . . but don't you think this is going too far?

Beware of this company . . .

But enough about their company . . . Let's look at their formula . . . It has 300 mg of beta sitosterol . . . that's good . . . it has zinc citrate . . . that's good too . . . but why do they provide 30 mg per serving? . . . that amount of zinc is WAY too much . . . and could even be potentially dangerous.

Their product also contains some DIM . . . (diindolymethane) . . . that's a nice idea . . . DIM truly is a great supplement to take for supporting prostate health . . . the problem is that you need to take 200 mg /day to get any support from it . . . their product only provides 40 mg per caplet . . . which is not nearly enough . . . Taking DIM in such a small amount is basically worthless . . . it does not make their formula any more effective . . . just more expensive.

If there was a way to add 200 mg of DIM to Prostate Miracle® we would have . . . but it just didn't make sense to make Prostate Miracle® into a much larger capsule or alternatively, to provide a product (as they did) which doesn't provide enough DIM to be supportive.

That is why Nature's Health Supply, Inc. formulated Estrogen Balance®, a companion product to Prostate Miracle®, which provides 200 mg of DIM as well as Quercetin and Flaxseed.

"Prostate Care" is now being promoted as "advanced formula" and contains Bioperine® for which they claim is "proven to increase absorption by up to 60% ". I do not know what their basis is for making this claim . . . but in our research, we were unable to find any proof to this claim . . . leading me to the conclusion that any company, who would make such a claim relies on hype over substance.

It is also interesting to note that although HealthyChoiceNaturals sells Roger Mason's book "The Natural Prostate Cure" They must not have read it . . . as Roger clearly states that . . . Lycopene is a total fraud and has no place in a prostate formula.

The company Wellmates is yet another new alias for Healthy Choice Naturals (the same company that produces Prostate Care). As far as I can tell, their new product brand Prostexanol is nearly identical to Prostate Care with just a different name and label. One wonders why a reputable company would create a new brand and identity for their product and company name as many times as the makers of these products have!

Though their brand and company names are new, their claims are NOT . . . They are making the same exact claims for this new brand as they do for their older brand: "96% effective" and "Relief in 5-7 days" which are both drug claims.


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Update: May 23, 2016

Vixova is a relatively new prostate formula on the market today, produced by New Generation Labs aka Biogenica, LLC. Neither of these company names could be found on the Vixova website, but were found by searching various whois record databases.

Vixova is touted by it's producers as a Swedish Prostate formula containing Pollexia™ which they say is a naturally-derived standardized pharmaceutical-grade botanical extract whose efficacy, has been scientifically proven with over 40 years of clinical studies.

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The Vixova website also goes on to say that Pollexia is arguably the most studied natural extract in the field of prostate maintenance; and that in many cases, it improves men's sexual ability, specifically increasing semen production and climax.

WOW . . . On the surface this sounds very impressive. But let's look a bit deeper into these claims.

First of all a search in the database of the U.S. patent and trademark office ( does not return any results for Pollexia. Neither does a search in the database of Swedish trademarks (

So what exactly is Pollexia?

From what I was able to gather, it appears to be a made up unregistered TM trademark for a pollen extract of 8 pollens. But it does beg the questions: What pollens ? From what plants? How can something so nonspecific be considered standardized and pharmaceutical-grade?

Secondly, though, it is true that for many years there have been claims about pollen extracts such as Cernilton and now Pollexia, these claims are so VAGUE . . . it is virtually impossible to make any sense of them. Furthermore, beta sitosterol has been studied for at least as long as pollen extract has and certainly has much more compelling research.

Even if one could prove pollen extract had any value in treating BPH (overdosed rats hardly count as proof), pollen extract is exogenous (not found naturally in our bodies) and would at best only help some people temporarily. In contrast beta sitosterol, is endogenous (naturally found in our bodies) and for most people provides continued long term prostate support.

In other words, pollen is essentially useless in the long term treatment of BPH. And the claim of "increasing semen production and climax" is completely unfounded.

The Vixova website does cite some studies And it is worth noting that it is very common now-a-days to pay a clinic about $250,000 to do a double blind study on your product and then pay some third rate journal to publish it. The small print by law must admit this, but almost no one on earth gets full text studies, so they never see the fine print stating "cost have been paid by producer, etc.". Also these "studies" ALWAYS use a name brand and not generic supplements.

I am not saying that I know for a fact these cited studies are tainted, but am just saying the whole thing smells very fishy to me!

The botom line is that even if their claims were true (doubtful) they are drug claims and are thus ilegal.

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Prostate Power Rx

Prostate Power Rx

Update: May 23, 2016

Advance Physician Formulas, Inc distributes a prostate supplement formulated by Dr Ray Sahelian, M.D. called Prostate Power Rx It contains SOME Beta Sitosterol, but ONLY 40 mg/2 capsule serving. (not nearly enough) It is worth noting that Prostate Power Rx also provides Quercetin . . . but only 80 mg /2 capsule serving (again . . . not nearly enough).

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The truth is that quercetin is a great supplement to take for supporting prostate health but the supportive amount is at least 250 mg/day . . .

The 80 mg/ 2 capsule serving that Prostate Power Rx provides is unlikely to provide any support.

If there was a way to add 250 mg of quercetin to Prostate Miracle® we would have . . . but it just didn't make sense to make Prostate Miracle® into a much larger capsule or alternatively, to provide a product (as they did) which doesn't provide enough quercetin to be effective. That is why NHS Global Distributors, Inc formulated Estrogen Balance® . . . a companion product to Prostate Miracle® which provides 250 mg of Quercetin as well as DIM and Flaxseed.

One last point about Prostate Power Rx . . . their product name is somewhat misleading . . .

it seems to imply that Prostate Power RX is a prescription drug or is of "prescription strength", which of course is NOT true.

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Prostate Health Essentials

Prostate Health Essentials

Update: May 23, 2016

Prostate Health Essentials is a relatively new product made by Senior Life Health. They promote their product online with some rather absurd claims:

Let's examine these claims closer.

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  • They are THE number one Selling product
    • What is the basis for this self serving claim ? Our sales statistics are not a matter of public record . . . so even if it was true (extremely unlikely) . . . How in the world could they possibly know how their sales compare to ours? The answer to that question is . . . quite simply . . . They couldn't know . . . hence the claim is ridiculous!
    • It does beg the question . . . How much credibility can a company which makes ridiculous self-serving claims like this have?

  • "Yes, We have 30+ Ingred. - 30+ Ingrd. are Better Than 4 Ingrd."
    • I am sure that some people will be fooled into thinking that a product containing "30+ Ingredients" is superior to a product which contains less ingredients. Many in the natural health industry bank on this fallacy and prey upon the uneducated, using what we in the industry refer to as "window dressing" (a long list of ingredients with less than therapeutic amounts) to lure people towards their product. In reality, there is no value at all in using less than the suppoortive amounts of any particular ingredient. Furthermore, as we have already pointed out, many of the commonly used ingredients in prostate formulas, such as saw palmetto and lycopene, provide no support at all and could even potentially cause negative reactions.
    • I must say that, I have never seen a prostate formula with includes as many ingredients as "Prostate Health Essentials" claims to contain. Aside from the points we already made about the prevalence in our industry of "window dressing" and/or providing ingredients you really don't need or want. . . Each capsule of Prostate Health Essentials" claims to contain 519.33 mg of combined ingredients - If their label claim is actually true, I would expect their capsule size to be HUGE.
    • Speaking of capsules . . . unlike Prostate Miracle® Advanced Formula, which uses a 100% vegetable capsule, the "Prostate Health Essentials" label includes gelatin, indicating that their capsule is not of 100% vegetable origin. Furthermore, their product contains the fillers magnesium stearate and stearic acid. Additionally, it is VERY important to note that although they brag about how many ingredients their product contains, there is no mention of the quality of ingredients. Do they use US sourced Beta sitosterol or the cheaper and inferior beta sitosterol made in China?

  • Their product Shrinks Enlarged Prostate in 5-7 days. FAST!
    • This is another inconsistent unfounded and ilegal claim they make.
      • On the one hand their google ad says: "Prostate symptoms gone in 5-7 days >100% Guarantee"
      • But on the other hand their website says "Now, we don't claim it will work overnight. (And if you find a company that claims their supplement does, seal your wallet fast!) We do find that our customers get initial relief within 1-2 weeks, with full results at 4-6 weeks."
      • And finally their website says "We guarantee results within 6 weeks or we will refund 100% of your purchase price!"
      • So what are they really claiming . . . 5-7 days, 1-2 weeks or 4-6 weeks?

  • Powerful Enough to Knock Down Prostate Infections
    • One wonders what the basis for this bold claim is. They don't discuss which of any of the contained ingredients does this nor do they cite any clinical studies which back up this claim at all. They just make this claim and expect you to believe it with no supporting information. Of course this is also an ilegal drug claim

The bottom line is that this product is promoted using absurd, unfounded, self serving ilegal claims. The credibility of a new company using such tactics certainly raises a red fag of concern about their product.

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Prostate Magic

Prostate Magic

Update: May 23, 2016

ProstateMagic is made by Golden Dog Incorporated. Wow . . . talk about a confusing website. On the one hand, they seem to praise the merits of beta sitosterol and even make a point about their product containing a super-charged combination of beta-sitosterol, stigmasterol, campesterol and brassicasterol, but on the other hand, they seem to suggest that beta sitosterol doesn't work and that ProstateMagic, not having it, works so much better.

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Since their website was so unclear, I checked the supplement facts specified on their label to ascertain how much beta sitosterol ProstateMagic actually contains. As far as I was able to see, it contains none. At best there could be some beta sitosterol in the Chinese herbs their product contains, but just as the case with saw palmetto, pygeum africanum, stinging nettles, pumpkinseed and other herbs . . . the concentration of beta sitosterol in these herbs is too small to have any supportive value.

Their website says that ProstateMagic is made in the USA, but that does not equate to meaning all of its ingredients come from the USA. As far as I know, Chinese herbs come from China. Furthermore who in their right mind would consume any ingestible originating from China which has such an awful track record for purity, contamination and quality control standards in general.

ProstateMagic is advertised for $49.95, which is very expensive for a product containing no beta sitosterol.

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